Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spa Casa de las Montanas

Ever since we took off from Turkey in April Chris has been calling our trip a "vacation."

I am continually asserting that it's a "trip", not a "vacation."

A vacation for me implies complete relaxation and a degree of being spoiled.

This "trip" has been about as relaxing as a trip to Toys 'R Us the day after Thanksgiving.

And while I have had my spoilt moments, they are definitely the exception and not the rule.

It's hard moving hotel rooms, it's hard camping, it's hard not being able to have home-cooked meals, or a washing machine or mind-numbing TV or no train or plane to catch.

You know from our previous post that when we arrived back to Ontinyent on Friday, we found poor Paul's water line had been severed.  

We were forced to move to a city nearby and check into a hotel.

When our friends A & A got wind of this, they insisted we come and stay with them.  (You'll remember A & A from a previous post we did on Ontinyent - they're the ones with the magazine-style worthy house).

Two of the nicest people you could ever meet.

They offered to let us stay here whilst they are away on holiday.  

We have only known A & A for a few weeks, but they saw an opportunity to rescue two very weary travelers and took it.

They redefine the bounds of generosity.

We came over to tour the house and get the keys and I left feeling giddy with excitement at the prospect of staying put for more than 2 days.  And to be "living" in what I can best describe as a spa.

The view in the morning from the balcony

A plum from the dense garden of fruits and vegetables

The extent of some of my days!

The extent of some of Chris's days!

The spot I've been blogging and emailing from (so nice to have reliable wifi!)

Some Wall-E volleyball

Taking care of the garden

Game of Yahtzee

Getting ready for dinner

The grillmaster

Dining in style (and no, I never change clothes - they're all clean and they're staying that way!...judge all you like)

A home-cooked meal!!! (We've only had one other in the last 80 days, and that too was Ontinyent - thanks Paul and Jacq!)

Casa de las Montanas

The Lounge

This, I will agree, is a vacation.

From our trip.

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