Sunday, June 28, 2009


(Sorry these posts have to be so short and sweet. We're so far behind!)

Arles is a very cool French city - especially if you're interested in Van Gogh. Vincent Van Gogh came here in 1888 and painted over 300 paintings while living here. The ones you would know are probably Starry Night, Yellow Room and The Night Cafe.

All throughout town you can find easels standing on the spots where he painted his famous paintings. We found a total of 3 I think.

Sight of Night Cafe painting

Sight of L'Espace painting (hospital where Van Gogh went after the ear injury)

Postcards with other Arles paintings

Arles, we also found out, has the worst tourist train in all of Europe. The train left the tourist office, went about 100 yards down the road, then stopped for 25 minutes. We waited for a large group who had a reservation, and when they arrived, we all ended up four to a seat, smushed and stinky.

The train went nowhere special, and none of us were impressed.

We did like the town on foot though and found many things to enjoy.

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