Wednesday, June 24, 2009

French Stoning- by Christopher

Upon the dawning of the first day in our country house, Tim and I made a sweep of the back 40.

I was quick to discover a long-forgotten and partially-rotted wooden pallet discarded in a nearby copse of bushes.

Tim and I had already begun tossing stones at a large tree branch. But we didn't really have a game on our hands until I found the pallet.

At first, we thought the object of the game was to toss stones and make them land and stay on the pallet.

Ah, but then Tim threw the stone that would change the game forever:

After it left his hand it traced a perfect arc in the air and crashed right through the board with a satisfying CRUNCH. We both got lost in a fit of laughter and immediately knew: the game had changed.

Before we knew it we were caught up in the non-stop action of French Stoning!

That was the pallet before we completely obliterated it with rocks and deadly precision last night. The bits that remain look like an exploded box of dynamite strewn across the yard.

So, you're welcome France.

Tim and I were more than happy to show up and create this exciting new sport for you. French Stoning is just our working name for it. We're sure you'll come up with a more interesting, difficult to pronounce name of your own. French wordsmiths, get to work.

And to answer your question, yes, we are keeping our eyes open for the next unfortunate pallet to cross our path.

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