Thursday, March 31, 2011


Started with rice cereal.

Moved on to green beans.

And now we've added peas.

As you can tell, we had some mixed reactions to the latest delicacy.





We're going to give the green stuff another week and then I think move on.

That's all I got time for for now.

As I speak two jumpin' beans are hopping around on the patio.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

5 Month Update - by Christopher

Our good friend Shea requested a blog update with some new pics of the boys, and I am happy to oblige. It's been too long since we've updated this.

Sarah and I just put the boys down for their morning nap and we were both noticing how big they are becoming. They turned 5 months old last Tuesday.

At 5 months old, Colin loves rolling over to his right and kicking his left foot like he is furiously trying to cold start a motorcycle and Benjamin loves to grab both feet and jam them in his mouth.

They are just about as great as can be.

Mr. Colin

Mr. Benjamin

90% of the time we are able to tell them apart at a glance, but there are still those 10% moments when we look at each other and one of us says, "I think Colin is on the left."

Sarah started the boys on Johnny Jump-ups recently and they never hesitated. Colin is an especially determined hopper.

I caught myself gushing about how proud I was that he was jumping with such gusto, and then I felt a pang of guilt that I hadn't equally praised Benjamin, who was happily waggling around in it like a drunken hula dancer.

So I invented some praise for Benjamin's happy waggling, but realized at that moment how difficult a balancing act fathering is going to be (especially once they can actually understand what I'm saying).

Finally, our 5:30pm walks have become something of a daily ritual. Tensions at this hour have typically risen beyond the level of pleasantries and it's a good change of scenery to take a jaunt around the neighborhood.

Benjamin decided to play some charades with us on a recent excursion to pass the time. I guessed Eddie Van Halen of Van Halen and Sarah guessed 'BAM,' Emeril kicking it up a notch but we were both wrong.

Colin got it on his first try:

Elmer Fudd hunting wabbits.

Should have known.