Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Boys

Benjamin Scott Wehkamp and Colin William Wehkamp arrived on October 26, 2010 at 8:18 am.

They each weighed about 5 lb. 8 oz. and were 17 1/2 inches long.

They are feeding and sleeping and living the life!  Not a single thing wrong with them.

Mom and Dad are well and enjoying each minute they get to spend with their boys.

Mom was a little slow to get back on her feet but is getting 100% better each day.

A tiny sneak peek at the new loves of our life:

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing

The birth story and more details to come as time allows!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Breaking News

Well, we still don't have the lab work back, but the doctors have decided to end my itching misery.

The benefits of delivery at this point far outweigh any risks.


Tomorrow, October 26th, 2010 at 7:30 am we are set to welcome our little boys into the world.

You'll note we timed it perfectly so as not to miss either Monday night football nor World Series Wednesday.

Baby A:  Dude, I think I heard something about us going somewhere tomorrow.
Baby B:  Yeah?  Well we go everywhere they go so that's not surprising.
Baby A:  No man, I really think something big is going down tomorrow.  I think something is going to be different.
Baby B:  Oh, don't worry.  They're probably just going to take more pictures of us.  They can't get enough of us.
Baby A:  Dude, you are so useless.  I'm going to keep listening and see if I can figure out what's going on.
Baby B:  Alright.  I'm going to meditate.  Let me know if you figure anything out.

Itchy Update


Powder did nothing to relieve itchy symptoms.

Dr. prescribed oral steroids on Saturday, which also, have done nothing.
Or, if they have done anything it's just been to maintain the status quo.

Still no danger to me or the babies, the rash is spreading and it now looks like I have a bad case of the chicken pox.
And feels like it too.

I've tried oatmeal baths, aloe, Benadryl, 3 prescription meds, and nothing is working.

We are still waiting on lab results which should be in before close of business today.

If the labs come back normal, I might be admitting myself to the hospital for an iv to help squelch the itching.

If the labs come back abnormal, I'll be admitted for a c-section, possibly today.

Either way, we're hospital bound.  

And again, please, no need to worry.  I'm just very uncomfortable but the boys (trust me) are completely fine.  
They dance around every night when I lie down to sleep.  They are just happy to be doing whatever.

Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers.

Friday, October 22, 2010

37 Weeks (or) Term

After reading about and speaking with many moms of twins, I never thought I would see 37 weeks.
Especially not 37 weeks with no bed rest or complications.

But here we are at full-term, and finally our first complication.
(Only a complication in terms of comfort; both I and the babies are completely safe. )

No one is quite sure what is causing it, but the persistent itchy irritation I have (and 48 hours with about 2 hours of sleep) drove me to go see the Dr. again today.

The doctor prescribed a powder that is supposed to relieve symptoms, and she had me give some blood so they could run some labs.

The Dr. thinks my liver might have become overtaxed having to function for three, and that might be causing the rash.

The results of the blood test will be available Monday morning and will tell us whether my liver is working normally or not.
If the results say that my liver is normal, we'll keep on trucking to Nov 1. If the results are anything else but normal, the doctor will perform the c-section right away. 
Thanks to all of you who have taken an interest or offered a kind word of support during this crazy process.  

We're so close to having these precious babies in our arms!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

36 1/2 Weeks (or) Gotta Itch

Today the boys and I went in for another check-up.

They had their check-up first and everything went wonderfully.

The sono techs and Dr.'s always ask me before we begin how I think the boys are doing, and I'm always quick to say they're doing great.
I know they are.  They kick and squirm about quite frequently, and I've just always had the feeling that they are quite happy in there.  (I think it helps to have a roommate!)

A is guesstimated to weigh about 5 lbs. 15 oz. and B at about 6 lbs. 1 oz.  They are right on track.

After the boys were given their all-clear, it was my turn.

I told Chris last night that I was sure I have this thing called PUPPS.  You can Google it if you want but it's basically a hive-like rash that can develop on the pregnant mom's belly and spread it's way around.
It's not dangerous to mom or babies so please don't worry about us; but it itches so bad you want to trade in your skin for a Snuggie.

Too much info?

Okay, here's a lack of info.

No one really knows what causes it or why some women get it.  Only 1 in 200 is thought to get it so the odds are not in your favor.
We seem to be beating all kinds of odds in this pregnancy so why not this one as well?

PUPPS is thought to be more common in first time pregnant women (check), in the 3rd trimester (check) carrying twins or more (check) that are boys (check).

So...I have a steroid cream and lots of Benedryl.

I'm going to hold these boys in as long as I can but I'd be lying if I said I haven't relished the idea of them coming tomorrow!

For now I'm just going to continue the Benedryl and sleep when I can, and be thankful that things are still going as great as they are.

Last appointment is next week and then next Monday - babies!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday (to me)

I can't believe I'm putting this photo up - but I am.

It helps the story along.

That was me on Saturday.  The eve of my 32nd birthday.

I think about myself on my birthday, sure.  But I've always kind of thought about my mother too.
I mean, what a huge day for her.
I always try and imagine what happiness and fear and excitement she must have been going through, getting ready to have her first child.

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I could really put myself in my mom's shoes.

32 years ago she was just like me.  A healthy pregnant lady ready to deliver at any time.

My mom walked the mall on the 17th and subsequently started labor.  I'm not sure if she was doing it to move things along or just because she needed to get out of the house.

If I went to the mall right now it would be to move things along.  (Thus I've been banned from going.)

I have a whole new respect and thankfulness for both my mom and my dad.  I know my mom had to be very uncomfortable, and nervous and anxious, and my dad was probably pretty impatient and eager and worn-out as well.  (Taking care of a pregnant lady isn't easy - I realize this.)

I hoped that the boys wouldn't come on my birthday and I wasn't disappointed.  

I got to celebrate with my family the best way I could - PF Chang's and my moms spice cake.

Nana and I (her b-day is 5 days earlier)

We had a great time celebrating 32 years of my life and the boys making it to 36 weeks in their belly life.

As far as I'm concerned they are welcome to come anytime now.
Well, anytime after Friday.  Friday will be 37 weeks - which is term for babies, no matter whether they're coming one by one or two by two.

Thanks to everyone on the Facebook who wished me a happy birthday.  I'm still very green in understanding how that thing works so please take this as my thanks for the FB happy birthday wishes.

Happy birthday season!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This Is Also About The Ocean - by Christopher

Have you been to the ocean?

I went to the ocean when I was little, to South Padre Island with my family.

I discovered that I liked very much to lay right at the spot where the Gulf breakers crashed into the beach.

I liked the wild sensation of being bounced around by something so powerful but so benign, like a big dumb dog.

I liked the taste of the salt water. I liked the thunderous sound, like riding inside of an explosion.

And at the height of the weightless, disorienting feeling I closed my eyes and imagined I was spinning far away in outer space.

But my favorite part was the process of the wave receding back to the ocean.

Just after the moment when the wave had stretched itself as far onto the beach as its brief journey could achieve, when the water had reached an equilibrium of movement, an apex of motion, I felt, with a strange mixture of my senses, as scantly perceptible as a mote in my periphery, the barest, most gentle tug.

It felt like little more than a suggestion of direction.

Then in a breath the tug was a pull and the pull was a torrent that rushed around me and surged back into the growing form of the next breaker.

My favorite moment of all was the millisecond when all the water had rushed away. I lay watching on dry sand as the next wave curled over me to its full foamy height.

I loved most of all that final moment before the wave crashed down over me, when the unbearable anticipation I felt seemed to slow down my perception of time itself. The wave appeared frozen at its pinnacle, frozen in place by my excited expectation of its crash.

The cycle repeated over and over, to my unending delight, each time beginning again with that slightest, most gentle tug.

And I can feel that tug right now.

The water around me is pulling away toward a wave.

The wave is bigger than any I have ever imagined.

And my excited anticipation of it its crash slows the wave as it grows.

It stands frozen before me.

In a blink, it will teeter and crash upon me and I will be flung into joyful chaos and swept away to be remade by events beyond my understanding and only barely under my control.

I love most of all this final moment before the wave thunders down around me.

What may come after is only the ocean's to know.

Monkeys on the Way!

Chris and I are beyond blessed to have so many friends and family that care about partying it up for these boys.

While the boys get a little overwhelmed by all the lady talk at a shower (they don't kick or move at all when a lot of people are talking), I myself have a wonderful time.

Two of my best friends Jenica and Julie, and Jenica's mom Monica, hosted a most beautiful and inspiring shower in early September.

The monkeys were very prominent and I loved how they kept popping up in little places.

The delicious spread and the still ever-growing belly!

Nana and Mom (soon to be Great Grandma and Grandma!)

Amazing, first-class, one of a kind friends.  There is seriously no end to these ladies generosity.

Caitlin and Julie
Sara and Christi (around since elementary school!)

Kari and her gorgeous daughter Piper

Christie, Keri, Jenny & Kori

Piper, Kari, Julie, Keri, Jenny, Caitlin, Me, Kori, Jenica

And some of the fun items that the boys soon get to enjoy.

(this face because I can't believe Christi made two of these)

I do a lot of writing but I still find it close to impossible to convey how much all my family and friends mean to me.

You've made this pregnancy easier in so many ways.

I can't wait for the boys to meet all their TCU aunts.

Thanks again guys.  You are the best.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Day in the Life of Resting in Bed

While I haven't been put under strict bedrest by my doctor, I have been told to try and basically do nothing.
Which is fine, because nothing is about all I can handle right now.

I fully realize that lounging around the house all day sounds like heaven.
And maybe it would be if I wasn't growing people.

But growing people is hard work.
And being inside when it's so nice outside, does start to wear on you.

The highlights of my week are getting out of the house for Dr.'s appointments, and the moment I hear Chris's car pull in the garage.

Here's what an average day with me looks like:

7:30 am
Chris opens creaky guest room door.
I wake up and look at clock.
Realize I've been asleep for 2 or 3 hours.
Roll over and go back to sleep.

8:30 am
Chris comes in to wake me and kiss me good-bye.
He asks me if I slept.
I give the more or less hand motion.
He kisses me and I tell him to have a great day.
Roll over and go to sleep.

10ish am
Babies wake me.
They're hungry I assume.
I figure they can wait a little longer.
Reach for phone and see if I've missed any calls or text messages from people who sleep and wake at normal times.
Reach for laptop and check emails, FB, Google Reader for any fun stories, exciting information or encouraging words from friends.
Wonder what the weather is like outside.

11:15 am
Go to kitchen and make bagel.
Eat a piece of mom's cake while I wait for bagel to toast.

11:20 am
Turn on TV and check DVR for anything I've recorded that Chris wouldn't care about watching (this could include The Rachel Zoe Project, How I Met Your Mother, reruns of Bethany Getting Married, HGTV, etc.).

11:40 am
Get back in bed and turn on Netflix.
Resume "30 Rock" from where I left off yesterday.
Wish Chris worked from home.

1:00 pm
Shower (on even numbered days or days I'm going to see someone other than Chris).
Look at my make-up bag and wish I wasn't too tired to apply some of it.
Look at my hairdryer and wonder if I shouldn't get a haircut.

1:30 pm
PB&J Sandwich while watching Family Feud.

2 pm
Back to bed for more email/FB/Google reader checking.
Continue watching "30 Rock".
Wonder if there is any magical way I can secretly start labor on my own.
Feel slightly guilty about wanting to secretly start labor.
Search multiple messages boards for "average length of twin gestation", hoping maybe it's changed since yesterday.

4 pm
Look outside to see if mailman has come yet.
Check the mail.
More computer and lying on my side.
Talk to myself a little.
Talk to the boys a little.
Maybe fall asleep.

6:30 pm
Chris comes home.
I am waiting at the door excitedly.

6:34 pm
We eat dinner and talk about our days.

7:00 pm
Chris and I lie on the couch and watch TV.
I'll watch just about anything if it means I can be close to him.

9:00 pm
Chris does some kind of work on the computer or in the house while I go check my email/FB/Google reader again.
Sometimes I have to look up a symptom in the What to Expect When You're Expecting book.

10 pm
Get ready for bed.

10:30 pm
Chris kisses me goodnight and goes to sleep in the guest room.

11:00 pm
I try to sleep.
Turn back on 30 Rock.

All in a day's work.

Monday, October 11, 2010

35 Weeks (or) My Personal Invitation to Discomfort

Had the 35 week check-up today.

Because we (me, Baby A and Baby B) are doing so well, we were released from all sonogram and stress-test duties.

Just had a chat and an inspection by the Dr.

Both babies hearts sound great. My blood pressure is great. Weight gain is good.

The Dr. asked me how I felt and I smiled and tried to search for the perfect mix of words that wouldn't make me sound ungrateful for how well things are going, but at the same time would communicate how immeasurably uncomfortable I am.

Yesterday I had about 4 new discomforts, 2 of which ended with me calling the on-call Dr. just to make sure I wasn't experiencing anything worthy of a visit to L&D.
She assured me everything was normal.

Baby A: Look, I've come up with some new moves. Maybe we can get out of here in time for kick-off.
Baby B: Whatever man, the Cowboys suck this year. I'm fine just listening to Dad yell about it from in here.
Baby A: But there's going to be cake.
Baby B: Ehhh.
Baby A: Well, I'm going to try out these new manueuvers and see if I can get something going.
Baby B: Alright man. Now leave me alone. I'm almost done with my Sudoku puzzle.

And so we start another week.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Twins Are a Hoot!

I've had this post in my back pocket for awhile now and am so happy to finally be able to share it.

August marked the first of two very special showers for me and the boys.

I have my wonderful sisters, mom, and second mom Donna to thank for this one. They knocked it out of the park.

They are a most creative group as we all know, and made the house feel like a page out of a party hostessing magazine.

The theme was owls and they just kept popping up everywhere.

My mom even sewed little hats for these guys.

Grandma's changing table was transformed into a drink station. Too cute.

Book made into a guest book. What fun we'll have reading them this book and seeing all the sweet messages people wrote.

Babies own Custom Diapers. These will definitely crack me up at 2 am changings.

And then all the wonderful present openings. It was so much fun to see what everyone wanted the boys to have.

Does Aunt April know us well or what?

There is not a doubt in my mind that these boys are much anticipated and much loved already.

I can't wait to have everyone back over to the house after the boys are born.
They will be ready for many hugs and cuddles.

And funny songs if anyone knows any.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

34 Weeks (or) T-Minus 27 Days

I should be thrilled to have one uneventful appointment after another. And I am.

When I'm not going stir-crazy in the house.

Yesterday's appointment was another one for the textbooks.

Baby A is 5 lbs. and Baby B 5 lbs. 4 oz. Everything about them and me looks wonderful.

So, now we set sail for another week.

The sonos are a little frightening but I'll post them anyways.

Baby A Profile

Baby B looking right at ya

Just lying about now and trying to take it easy.

I've discovered Netflix and that definitely helps me get through the days.

The baby books are done and ready for footprints.

Nursery is almost done. Just need to hammer up a few more things.

Anxiously awaiting our world to be turned upside down.