Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Swings for Sale

We currently have 2 infant swings for sale on Craigslist.

I got so excited last night because someone wrote inquiring if we still had them available.

(you have to click on the photos to make them bigger. Sorry...blogging struggles)

"Yeah", I thought, "there's some pretty obvious grammar missteps, but who (whom?) among us doesn't make a grammatical error or too every know and again?"

Could be a second language learner, someone that didn't finish high school, a young kid trying to buy some swings for his baby brothers, who knows?

So, I replied as quickly as possible:

I was thrilled to see a response only a few minutes later:

We all know what "send me your address for the certified check" thing means. There was no explaining that away.

Total disappointment.

Or was it?

I gave my computer to Chris.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Joy of Love: Days 4 & 5

What They Wear & What You Love to Hate About Them
(I think these are both pretty self explanatory)

I decided to combine days 4 and 5 (and really day 3 also), to produce the following pictures.

I think it shows what they wear pretty clearly. It also shows then and now. And finally, what I love to hate about them - I love that they're growing up so big and strong, but I hate that they're not going to be babies for much longer.
I tried to use some symbolism in the number of outfits. They are 14 weeks and a bit, so on the last one I put them between a 3 month outfit and what will probably be a 4 month outfit.



Colin above, Benjamin below

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Joy of Love: Day 3

Then and Now
(capturing change in photos)

This was easy to think of ideas for.
I could have taken photos all day if the boys didn't require naps.
Or age appropriate activities like cooing and drooling.

To accomplish my then and now's I first wanted to look back and dig up some "then" photos to recreate.
Most of the photos from the early days were either taken by our wonderful photographer Janelle, or with an iPhone. (I had wayyyyy to much to worry about and too many pains to mention - taking photos with the SLR was not the furthest thing from my mind, but it was the most improbable.)


Boys then (Colin on the right)

And now

Benjamin Then

(Whom by the way we called "Benjamin Defiant for a loooong time. You have to admit you see the resemblance.)

And Benjamin now

Colin then

Colin now

Boys then (Colin on the left)

Boys now

(Don't worry, they still have parents!)

These shots really put things in perspective.
What fun watching them grow and change.

More to come!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Joy of Love: Day 2

How They Look
(trying to catch your loved ones at their best, or at their worst)

Let's be honest - you've seen plenty of photos of the boys at their "best."

So let's try to find something unpleasant.

Impossible you say?! Nah.

Our boys are going through a very drooly phase right now.
It's everywhere.


And it really would be fine if the temperature wasn't in the teens every day.
I am constantly changing clothes cause they get so cold, and I can't wash the dirty clothes because the pipes are frozen.
Soooooo...cute? Maybe. But not best.

And then there's the crying. Oh the crying.


And finally in "how they look": I-DEN-TI-CAL

I think I might be getting better at telling them apart, but not really.

Stay tuned for Day 3!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Joy of Love: Day 1

This month I am following a course by one of my favorite photographers.

The course is called "The Joy of Love" and it challenges you to follow a prompt every day and capture the people/pets/whatever you love.

I've been needing some inspiration to take photos of my own children. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but when you're the mom and not the photographer, it's hard to remember to take photos sometimes.

(Especially when you're documenting times two.)

But I digress.

Day One: What They Do (find what they do and document it)

This proved to be super easy. Day one was a snow day so I had the whole family available to stalk around the house.

Here's what some of the people I love do.

Daddy works.

And plays the guitar.

And video games.
(No, we don't watch soap operas. But we do enjoy Jeopardy which I believe was on earlier.)

Colin blows bubbles.

Likes to play upside down.

And likes to grab his toys.

Benjamin does tummy time.

He grabs his elephant and

he also stares at his elephant and listens to its ears crinkle.

And the two together?

Well, they just be delightful.

Stay tuned for Day 2!