Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sick Kitty - by Christopher

Sarah has had her share of upset stomach and sheer exhaustion here just like everybody else, but today she has hit a wall. I came back from three-and-a-half hours of grocery shopping at 3:30 to find her unconscious in bed.

She's not feeling very good right now, so for those of you out there with any sympathy or empathy, I'm sure she'd appreciate some of it directed her way.

She was 150% fine yesterday during our walking tour, so I'm hoping that this will pass quickly and she will be feeling normal tomorrow.

When I got sick at the end of the school day Friday, she made me go to the doctor and get some antibiotics. She's already taking antibiotics for the cyst on her face, so I'm not sure what the next medication to take would be, but rest assured I'll get her to the doctor if this keeps up.

So no Sunday Matinee today. I need her up and around to run the camera and act in front of it. We'll shelve it for this weekend and get one posted for you next weekend.

Everybody have a memorable week!

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