Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Masters of the Universe - by Christopher

It's midnight where most of you are.

I think most of you are probably asleep.

It's 8am here and I just sat down at my desk in my computer lab/classroom and realized that I forgot to post some very exciting news:

Both Sarah and I have been accepted to the Master's program at Bilkent University! We're both enrolled in the Instructıon & Curriculum program. Our first class is this Tuesday.

The program offers a good mix of practical and theoretical curriculum. And there is a high degree of flexibility, which allows for a more specialized degree. Sarah will specialize toward second language aquisition and I will specialize in educational technology.

I'll try to complete this degree in less than seven years, Dad.


  1. Not that there's anything wrong with taking seven years to complete a degree, right?!

    Congratulations, my favorite Wehkamps!