Monday, September 1, 2008

First Day of School

We did it.

We did what we came to do.

Today Chris and I began meeting our students and began teaching them.

Chris had a class of 5th graders and a class of 3rd graders rotate through his computer lab.

I met my homeroom class of 15 second graders.

Chris snapped a quick photo of us as we were touring the library.

Today we mostly discussed rules, organized school supplies, toured the campus, did introductions, and ate lunch.
Our goal today as a school was mostly to make sure the students went to the toilet, and got on their buses correctly to go home.
I think it's safe to say we were successful in both endeavours.

To celebrate (yes, we're celebrating at day one - we take every success very seriously here), Chris and I took the campus bus and found the "faculty only" restaurant.

Well, truth be told, we took the faculty bus and found the health center, the pharmacy, the electrical engineering department, human resources, a sculpture of the university's founder, and a philosophy of AI professor, without whom we never would have found the restaurant.

The bistro, as it's called, has great food and an amazing view of the city.

We ate Tostitos and beans and toasted our good fortune to have found each other and have found such a great new home.

Then we got buzzed off of one glass of wine because we're at 1800 ft. above sea level and that's 1200 more feet than we're used to.

Bring on Tuesday.


  1. Your class looks CUTE! The girl in the pink shirt isn't so sure about her American teacher, though.

    We see you both have reached Turkey safely, and you are having fun time!
    I'm glad that everything went well.
    We have just arrived from our holidays in London and Morocco: Marrakech, Essaouira, High Atlas, dune desert,...
    I hope we meet soon.