Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And Uh, Yeah - by Christopher

So maybe if we just keep stalling with fake posts you'll keep waiting patiently for us to post about our trip last weekend?


Look, we're sorry. The truth is that we've got the internet working now but we're the most exhausted we've been. We both started our master's program classes tonight after a day full of catching up on stuff we should have done over the weekend. We just got home after 12 hours and I will literally be asleep by 9pm, which is in fifteen minutes from now and I can barely think to write this post is the problem.

We're sorry.

How about this, we compromise:

Tomorrow we do Mailbag Wednesday since we already have so many great questions and answers, and by Thursday night our time we'll get a post of of our weekend up.

By Thursday we should be pretty well recovered and caught up with the week's work.



*Goodnight *

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