Monday, September 29, 2008

Mini-Tour of Bilkent University

Chris and I woke up this morning, took one look at this sky, and decided, let's go for a walk.

Without an umbrella.

Down a road that has no cover.

We walked down the long, deserted, unfinished road (the easiest way to get from our side of campus (East campus), to the other side of campus (Main Campus).)

Along the way we took some photos. Some of nature, some of buildings, some of animals. You can enjoy them in album form here if you so desire. (McNew I'm counting on you for some plant ID'ing.)

Our main goals today were to get to the bank before noon, see if the bookstore was open, eat some lunch, then make it back home - and all without getting wet.

Not only did we accomplish all our missions, but we even made time to do this as well.


  1. i was afreaid that last link was going to contain adult content....

  2. Nice views of our campus.