Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Wehkamp Blog Feature

Our school has no textbooks.

On purpose.

BUPS/BIS runs a PYP Unit of Inquiry Program in which each six weeks one question drives the entire curriculum.

The one question leads to teacher questions, which lead to student questions which then lead to lesson plans.

This got me thinking...why not let our blog readers write and submit questions that we can then answer in our posts?

I'm thinking Letterman-style mail bag.

"Letters, we get letters..."

So post a comment with a question or email us personally if you're feeling shy. We promise not to reveal your identity if you wish to remain nameless.

We will take a handful of questions (or just use the only questions we receive, i.e. whatever our parents ask) - and answer them every Wednesday.

For example:

Dear Chris and Sarah,

Just wondering what your favorite pastime in Turkey is thus far?

Curious Cat

Dear Curious Cat,

We do have a favorite pastime here in Turkey.

It's called Cappy Breakfast time.

Every morning we take time to make fun of the carton the OJ comes in.

We try to think of all the funny words that rhyme with Cappy, then use those words to make fake Cappy commercials.

"To wake feeling snappy, get a tall glass of Cappy!"

"Don't feel crappy, drink your Snappy!"

We always leave the breakfast table laughing.

Thanks for your question Curious Cat.

Chris and Sarah


  1. So many questions I can think to ask! First of all, what item from home that you either didn't take or couldn't take to Turkey are you each missing most?? (Chris, no video game answers allowed)

  2. Dear Chris and Sarah, Besides the lack of textbooks, what do y'all find is the biggest difference between American schools and Turkish schools?