Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Taste of Turkey?

Last weekend Chris and I decided we had had enough of Which Wich, Sonic and Americana in general. We agreed it was high time we start dipping our toes into Turkish things.

First stop, Cafe Istanbul.

Turkish wine is delicious.

We ordered a minced meat appetizer - delicious.

Our meals came right after we had a chat with the owner, a man who is actually from Ankara.

Chris had some chicken with pistachios and I had Laidfd Kebab (or something like that).

In the middle of our meal, a Turkish belly dancer came whirling across the floor, sword in mouth and tiny clapping cymbals in her hands.

She proceeded to dance throughout the restaurant, dodging waiters and laying down under tables.
Is this normal behavior in a Turkish restaurant? Will there be more than one dancer in Turkey? Maybe a whole troup?  Will they use their swords to fight to the death?

These are questions we are eager to have answered.

We liked the Turkish restaurant so much we dragged our parents there this last Tuesday.

They humored us and ate lamb, drank our new favorite Turkish wine, talked with the owner and learned about the evil eye.

Chris went ahead and ate enough to give himself his first bout of what the Turkish call "belly, belly". Not good.

This time the owner gave us a Turkish pop CD so that we could start learning some of the tunes.

We now have first hand experience with Turkish food, music, and people, and we like what we've seen thus far.

Right now our arrogance and humor towards the culture is funny, but in a week, we're prepared to be lost in a sea of confusion.

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  1. I watched the Turkish pop CD video three times in a row and laughed harder each time. Sarah and Chris, you guys are SOOOOO made for each other.

    Santa, santa, santa, santa, slayyy the santa downnnn.