Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Got a BooBoo

This morning while making tea I burned my hand and eye with scalding hot boiling water.

I was then given a shot in my mouth of some homeopathic "calming" spray to ease my pain.

Next I went for my routine check-up at the Turkish health center where I learned that I have both a broken big toe, and a cyst on my face.

I now have a prescription for some Turkish antibiotics, some Australian burn cream, and an appointment with the Turkish podiatrist.

Some people might see this as a bad day, but look, I came here to learn about the culture.

How are you going to know how Turkish people feel about exchanging computer parts if you don't buy the wrong ones?
How are you going to know how they feel about you riding the public bus without paying if you don't try "accidentally" getting on one.
And how will I ever know the quality of Turkish health care if I don't start breaking some stuff and growing foreign lumps on my face?

Next I will gauge Turkish reactions to a woman joining the Turkish Armed Forces.
And after that - first female Turkey plumber.


  1. Dear Mr. Wehkamp,

    I regret to inform you that your warranty doesn't cover wifely malfunctions caused from the following:

    Eating food that shouldn't be defined as food, overdosing on any sort of mind expanding/altering drungs in a consequence free enviroment, live organ donations, moving to Turkey (or anywhere that you don't understand the warning labels on food products, towels, Sut, etc) and throwing her off any sort of plateau, platform, out of an airplane door, or death by chocolate. However, if you would like to purchase an additional wife, we would like to offer you a 40% discount (after taxes of 45% of course.) Sorry for the inconvienience.

    Thank you

    Brandon Hogg