Friday, August 22, 2008

"Buncha Other Stuff," by Christopher

The inter webs are up and running in our apartment now. And I'm between destinations at the moment. 

First thing: 

I'm watching Sarah (my wife of two months as of yesterday) stand on a rickety wooden chair and paint our living room wall. 

Nesting she calls it. Nesting for what, I ask. Just nesting she says. Is there a male equivalent to nesting? Good question, Christopher. Don't leave me hanging.

I think for me it's compartments. Sarah recently opened one of the suitcases I packed (unsupervised) and found a box containing seven orange prescription pill bottles, all empty.  

"Why the hell did you drag these across the ocean?!?"

"You know for organizing stuff, compartmentalizing," I muttered. 

"Organizing WHAT?"

"You know, stuff...heylookoverthere! " I blurted then backed out of the room.

My great desire to put my stuff in appropriately-sized containers is, I think, male nesting behavior. Because I can't answer Sarah exactly what they're for. Any little gew gaw could go in those prescription pill bottles. 

Nails, screws, thumbtacks, Turkish stamps, a strange insect, a neat rock, small specialty cables, earplugs, band-aids, razor blades, batteries, earphone adapters, fishing lures. Extra erasers for mechanical pencils. Secret messages for dead drops. Plutonium. 

When I get the little things and put them in the pill bottle, I'll feel satisfied knowing that I've put them in a place that they'll stay dry and together. 

It'll make me feel dry and together.

I spent the last four years in a hospital-white walled apartment with no complaints, so I don't claim to understand Sarah's nesting. But I do help out and tolerate it, since she tolerates my desire to have compartments for all my stuff. 

Second thing: 

Last night, I finally found out what I'm going to be doing over here.

I am the new Information Technology Intern. In this position I will assist the technology teacher at the elementary school. I will also work in a broader capacity at the secondary schools (6-12th grades) under Dennis, head of the IT department for the preparatory school. 

It turns out that this could be the best fit for my interests. I love anything to do with computers, and I'll be working with them or teaching about them eight hours a day. And if I like what I'm doing and want to keep going after two years, I've learned that the demand is huge for this skillset worldwide (including at home, Mom).      

I'm quite satisfied with this placement. Brimming with hope that I'll finally find my career, in fact. 

But let's not put the c before the h. 

I'll keep you in the loop once I start actually working.        

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