Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dinner and Unscheduled Stop - by Christopher

So we dragged ourselves down to Ankuva (the mall/shopping center/grocery store a mile from us) tonight so we could try a restaurant there and purchase a couple of things.

There were four restaurants to choose from and they all looked about the same except for the last one, which featured an English item on the menu labeled "Chicken Fajitas."

We both looked at each other. Sarah asked, "Feel like being totally disappointed?"

"I'll be happy if it's even just edible," I replied, desperate to have a taste of home at any cost. It turns out that the menu at Magellan is very friendly to foreigners. Yes, those are detailed pictures of every menu item in a handy fold-out insert. Oh, and it features one dessert that is either a dimensional portal to another planet, or a misunderstanding of English.

When it arrived, we were both excited to be looking at a dish we recognized. Turns out they were great! I don't think they'd stand up in a head-to-head with Chuy's or El Fenix, but for Ankara they'll do. Even the salsa was passable!

After some quick shopping we moseyed down to the bus pick-up and waited. Bus after bus came and went until finally we boarded the university bus and began the trip back home.

Then we made an unscheduled stop.

The videos speak for themselves.

First Video

Second Video

We're learning as we go, folks. Sometimes it's a dirty, uncomfortable buisness. But it's always interesting!


  1. I just read this blog at work and I think I scared away a few customers while laughing hysterically. I think they thought I was laughing at their inability to process simple banking transactions.....maybe I was a little...but mostly laughing at the blog. Can't wait to get home to watch the videos.

  2. okay...saw the videos...was he inviting you to drink vodka and watch dynasty?