Friday, August 29, 2008



Chris and I just finished our first Turkish school work week.

I think we were both successful in understanding the new standards and procedures, and for the stuff we didn't get, we faked it really well.

Tonight is Meet the Teacher night.  Chris will be down in the computer lab and I will be up in my new second grade home, awaiting students and parents alike.

Verda, my teaching partner, and I worked very hard all week to make class 2b feel like a home.
Chris stayed with us late yesterday to hang our high-reaching stuff and to draw us a welcome message.
We may have no idea what we're doing on Monday, but it sure looks like we're in the know.  And that's all that matters at this point.

Before coming home to change into my fancy clothes I took some videos and some photos of the school and of Chris and I's classrooms.

Please view and enjoy.  

I'm going to go get changed and meet my new students and parents.

In about two hours, for the first time in a long time, both Chris and I can say TGIF!


  1. Hi! It's Jai, as a teacher to another teacher, please double check the spelling of "reading corner" in the pink die cuts on the wall. Ok, just thought you might want to fix that! I have been there too! Tired as a dog!! Glad to read all is going well. I applied to teach at the Navy Hale Keiki School, 2nd grade! I was bored, so I went job hunting. I don't anticipate starting graduate studies until the spring when Gabe is deployed, AGAIN! :(

  2. hey - that looks like a real classroom! have fun!