Monday, August 4, 2008

Packing Day 1


We started packing.

Lots of people have been asking us what we're taking to Turkey.

Only now, today, do we have some answers to that question.

measuring cup
lawry's seasoned salt (won't find it turkey)
slotted spoon
apple corer
battery-powered candles
christmas oven mitt
used cutting board
bride and groom cookbook
dallas tea mug
wooden spoons
ankle brace
address book
camera guide
hand lotion (expensive in turkey)
hand soap (expensive in turkey)
prescription drugs
nonprescription drugs
vanilla extract (hard to find in turkey)
Rick Steves Istanbul

We also found that moving can be quite therapeutic.  

Sometimes the best value of a $1.00 IKEA glass is not in using it to hold liquids.

Stay tuned for more from our packing list and more adventures in moving delirium.

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