Saturday, August 23, 2008

Good Night First Week

We can't sleep.

It's currently 11:51 pm and we can't sleep.

On average we sleep 4-5 hours a night here in Ankara.

This coupled with non-stop activity seems like the perfect recipe for disaster.

So far though I've only stepped in the paint can once.

I don't think either Chris or I would choose to re-live this week.

That being said, we wouldn't change anything about it either.  It's made for some funny stories and has made us both stronger.

It's hard to believe one week ago tonight we arrived here.  

It feels like one month ago.

I wish I could fully explain the weird things that time is doing over here, but both Chris and I have tried and it's seemingly impossible.
Hours feel like days and days feel like weeks.
But when you think back on the days they seem to fly by at rapid-fire speed.

I came out here on the couch to write this blog in hopes that it would make me tired and it has.

I'm going to try to lay my head down and get ready for month, er, I mean, week two.


  1. Ah, lesson learned. LEARN TURKISH TO ORDER PIZZA. I'm gonna write that down. Your next mission, should you choose to accept it, can you find TURKEY JERKY? The world may never know.

  2. We can totally relate to your woes! We wouldn't change our adventure for the world either! Seems like we have been living in Hawaii for years now and it has only been 4 months for me...I think?!?!? LOL, Gabe came out here last year before deployment. All of our love! Abrazos desde Hawaii! :)