Sunday, August 17, 2008

Arrival in Ankara

Yesterday Chris and I arrived in Ankara, Turkey.

We were greeted right outside customs by the director Jim, and two of the orientation team members, Nora and Sam.

The school had staff to load all of our bags (all 12!) onto the coach and take us to campus.

Once we arrived we learned that our lojman (apartment) is on the third floor of building D.  We're actually D-10 if you ever find yourself in the area.

The PTA left us a nice treat that I accepted with the delirium only made possible after 26 straight hours of travel.

After the nice Turkish men took all our bags upstairs we slept walked to a pizza party.  The preschool is right across the street from our apartment and we all had drinks and ate Domino's on the playground.

The jet lag slowly wore us down to two bumbling idiots (even more than normal), so we stumbled back home after staying long enough to learn everyone's names, only to forget them all this morning.

We slept from 8:30pm- 8:30am.

Lots of noise from passing cars.  Lots of heat from lack of A/C.

I'm still not feeling my smart, witty writing self, but I know it will come back after a week or so of adjustment.
Today I misspelled independent and I couldn't remember when Chris and I got married.

We very much love it here though and are eager to share more and more as we discover our new home.

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