Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Wife Bag," by Christopher

4:18 PM CST

We sit on the bench again, but in a different part of the country. Chicago. 

I wish that we were here for more than an hour so that we could go see Pat and Jenny's new baby. 

But I just listened for the last thirty seconds to some brat screaming his head off, so that's some consolation. 

For the next leg of the journey we gobble Xanax until wakefulness becomes an impossibility. Then, hopefully, we wake up rested and ready in Munich. 

BTW, have you ever seen the catalogs they have on the plane? You know, the ones with the strange products and low-budget photos of the "inventors" wife posing next to the Cat Toy 9000? 

We found one product in particular that discerning husbands just shouldn't have to live without. 

Please enjoy

We'll post again in 12 hrs or so. 


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