Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Hooweeahhhuhhhhh," by Christopher

3:21 AM CST

We just arrived a few moments ago to Munich airport and are sitting on bench number three in front of the gate which will whisk us shortly to Ankara. 

Sarah had her biggest freak-out to date on the flight here, but then we both took three mg's of Xanax and slept for about five hours. We're both groggy and dazed, but our spirits are high.

The flight was on a 767 and was very big and spacious. I can't seem to formulate any sentences beyond one subject, factual nuggets. 

It's 10:27 AM here in Munich. I can tell you that. 

And it looks like the people are lining up for the flight. We should reach our final destination soon. 

Much love to all back home!  

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