Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Baby Power Lunch

Some women power-lunch with other business men and women.

This gang prefers to power-lunch with little potatoes.

Proud mama's Julie and Marissa were kind enough to let us spend our lunch breaks today just passing their babies to and fro.

Marissa and Michael are the proud parents of Hailey Rose.  She was born with lots of black hair and the tiniest head I've ever seen.

Julie and Sean are the proud parents of Bauer Alexandar.  Bauer has big blue eyes and bright red hair.

And of course little Miss Bree is still cute as ever.

Bauer with Aunt Caitlin.

Striking a model pose with Aunt Keri.

It's so great to watch my friends becoming mom's.

I don't usually do this, but I just have to brag about what a great job they are doing.
The kids are happy and healthy.  Husbands are changing diapers.  Nurseries are adorable.

I'm so glad they're going first.  
I feel like a younger sister watching on and learning.

We are so proud of the great job you're doing.  Keep it up Julie, Marissa, Sean and Michael.

(And pray that the kiddos want to go to state schools!)

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