Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hair & Pizza - by Christopher

Some of you will recall our trip in the Spring of 2007 to the Netherlands and Belgium. An even smaller group of you will recall that I had my hair cut by a very nice, non-English speaking chap in Brussels. 

One of you (John I think) remarked that it would probably have been better to get my hair cut before I went on the vacation, as a sensible person might. 

I agree with John, that would be more sensible. So instead I have decided to make getting my hair cut in foreign countries a tradition. Sarah begged and pleaded with me to get my hair cut before we left. 

Instead, not only did I get my hair cut here I got it styled. 

But hey, I went to lunch with all of my co-workers and met the head of the IT department for the first time. The first thing I said as I shook his hand was, "I got my hair cut today, and it doesn't usually look like this." Utterly embarrassing.  

He was polite as we discussed some details of my new position, but come on. How could anyone take the person with this hairstyle seriously? I couldn't. 

Someday, after we know each other better, I will ask him what he though of my hair that day. I think he will have more to say on the topic. 

The best result of my haircut (besides firmly establishing an iron-clad family tradition) is that Sarah got her hair cut today! She has been wanting to make a change for a long, long time. Her sisters have both taken the plunge recently and Sarah has followed their lead to impressive results. 

You should also know that I tried ordering another pizza last night. Here's the result. We're getting warmer. 

Oh, and I put my first empty pill bottle to use.

Sarah is perched on a chair in the living room, painting her heart out. I'm writing this post and contemplating dinner. 

We both start departmental staff meetings tomorrow morning. Time to start earning a living again. 

PS: Can you believe the deep discount they have on this stuff? What a deal! 


  1. Ok, so I laughed so very hard that I was in tears and carl came over and we had to rewatch both the new haircut video and the lovely pizza one too. Thanks for cheering up our sunday and like i said to carl and on your video... This is the best reality show on! Funny stuff! Love from AZ,
    Tina n' Carl

  2. I'm going to try to post a comment so here goes......loved the haircuts (yes both of them!)!! Sarah, yours is great!! And I laughed a lot when seeing the pizza!! Too darn funny!
    Hang in will get better!
    Mom W