Thursday, August 7, 2008

"John Holt," by Christopher

In the time it takes for you to read this blog, you could subscribe to this blog. 

Subscribing to our blog tells us that you love us and that you're interested. It also makes it much easier for you to keep up with us, since our blog is delivered directly to your inbox right after posting, making your visits to this webpage totally unnecessary (if you want). 

Why am I starting off this post like a public radio pledge drive? Because:

1. This blog is the best, most current, most available, easiest, most interesting way we can communicate with you from Turkey


2.  We leave for Turkey in eight days.

Right now the only people reading this thing are our friends and family, and we want to keep you informed. We don't want to show up in two years with six tattoos and a camel and listen to you exclaim, "SIX TATTOOS!?! And where did that huge labrador come from? And how did you teach it to rub Sarah's feet?" 

I have big plans for our camel.

John Holt recently took the plunge. He signed up for a subscription to our blog and I just wanted to honor him for it. You may remember him from our wedding, he was the devastatingly handsome gentleman who delighted all in his vicinity with his disarming wit and warm presence. 

The main reason that I mention John here is because if anyone had an excuse not to subscribe to our blog, it was him. I would never say that John is technologically illiterate, but I would say that computers and John will never be friends. To John a computer is a tool. A tool that performs different functions, (a typewriter, a stereo, a file cabinet, a check book) but a tool nonetheless. 

And to John, there's not much need to spend time using the computer unless he has a specific purpose in mind. Surfing the web, writing emails, and reading blogs are not purposes that interest him. And I think John is like many of you, and many of you are like John. 

But after some convincing and reminding, John signed up for a subscription. Why? Because it's actually easier.  

Now, instead of having to go online and bookmark this site and click the bookmark and find the posts he missed and click on each one and wait for each page to load he just checks his email. 

Every post is delivered straight to him, he reads it, he deletes it, done.

Now, I admit, there are two hurdles to jump through. You have to type your email address in that little box to the right, and then you have to click 'subscribe.' In the world of the internet, that's actually asking a lot of an audience.

But you're not just any audience! As mentioned previously, you are the very people we want to keep in touch with the most. Our family and our friends.

What do Sarah and I get out of this? The good feeling that comes from knowing that these little notes are finding their target in the inboxes of our loved ones. We'll never know if you read them or not, but we'll assume that you do, because deluding ourselves is something we're good at and enjoy doing together. 

Let's make this year's pledge drive a success!

I promise we'll go right back to our regularly scheduled programming of babies and embarrassing videos once we've reached our goal for this hour! Your contribution can make a difference! You can choose between a t-shirt or a mug at the entry level! 

Enter your email and click now!       

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  1. I subscribed in hopes that I too, will have an entry with my name on it.