Friday, November 21, 2008

There Must be Something in the Water

Well, I think it's safe to say "there's something in the water."

Chris and I didn't want to blog about the following topic for a few reasons:

1.  We didn't want our parents to worry
2.  We didn't think we could convince you that the pictures are real
3.  We didn't want to concede that maybe we made a bad choice in moving to a country where not only is the public water not drinkable, it's also apparently not showerable.

Today I made a choice, I'm blogging about it.

For several reasons:

1.  Our parents are going to worry no matter how much or how little information we give them.
2.  I am one of SEVEN of my colleagues who are home sick today.
3.  If I soon become radioactive you will know why.

Remember parent-teacher conference day when no one had hot water?
I would take that day to this day any day day.

The water here can be brown on occasion.

It's the color of tea and you just shower, wash your dishes, go on about your life.

Well, recently, the water has been nothing but brown, and now it is kind of gunky.

We took a picture awhile back to show the color of the water, but Chris was convinced you would all think I had had an accident in the shower, and persuaded me not to post it.

Well, today after Chris left for work, I went in to take my shower, and this is what I was met with.

Actually, this was only half of what I found.

I took these pictures after I had already been scrubbing for about 4 minutes.

I sent the picture to Chris at work, and he wrote back saying he thinks it's soap and scum residue that got colored by our lovely brown water.

I don't know.

But I do know that I am sick (literally) of pretending everything is just fine in regard to our access to water.
It's not fine.

Some days Chris just ducks in the shower, washes his hair, trying not to let the water get anywhere else, and then ducks back out.

Girls come to school with their hair tied up in buns hoping no one will notice that they haven't washed it in two days.

Anyone who is a member of the sports club down the hill does all their bathing there.  (It's not all of Ankara that has this water problem).

So when we say we are only coming home for 2 weeks this summer because we afraid we will get too comfortable, now you know what we're talking about.

Oh, and this time the microwave worked twice.

Once to re-heat some soup, and then again to pop that bag of popcorn you saw me giving Chris in the video.
And the rest is history (Annacannapoe...this is why the popcorn in glass bowl project didn't take off).

Actually, now the microwave gets so hot on the outside that it will burn you if you touch it, but the inside is cool as a cucumber.

Sometimes Turkey no workey.

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  1. I'm having a very hard time thinking of something to say......besides.........get out of there while you still can!!!!!


    Be safe...

    Love, Mom