Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day (some more)

I am so thankful that last night Chris and I managed to work out our miscommunications.

I'm thankful for pre-marital counseling and thankful for our pre-marital counselor.

You know it's been a good talk when afterwards you find yourself with your spouse in the kitchen burning packets of tea on the gas stovetop...just to see what will happen.

We tried our best to inject festive cheer at BUPS this morning.

We'll try some more at dinner tonight.

I'm thankful this year for:

Healthy new moms and babies

Healthy experienced Moms (ready for grandbabies)



A husband




Aunts and Uncles

Taco shells

New adventures

And principal's willing to have 70 people over for Thanksgiving dinner in Turkey...

Gobble, gobble!!!

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