Tuesday, November 18, 2008

13 Minutes Later, a Bowl of Yogurt

And now it's winter.

Yesterday it was cold, but still felt like fall.

Today we woke up to a drizzling rain and 40 degrees of fog.

We actually quite enjoy the precipitation and even the cold.  It's fun to live in a place where the seasons actually change.

And just in case you think our lives here are always filled with adventure and excitement...I give you our after school activity for today.

And what did I end up eating?

A bowl of yogurt with granola.


  1. Try the popcorn again sometime and add a small amount (just enough to coat the kernels) of oil. I'm guessing, but I think once the oil heats up it will cause the kernel to explode.

  2. Annacannapoe, Great idea-I actually did put some oil in the bottom though. And it did get hot, and nothing happened. Any other suggestions? Thanks for looking out for our popcorn needs.