Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mysterious Messages #1 - by, Christopher

I found a barbershop on campus today that specializes in quick, affordable trims for men. It’s actually quite a good find for me, since I’m long overdo for a proper trim.

Unfortunately, each time I get a haircut in Turkey the barber styles my hair as though I were headed to church in 1953.

I took this photo from where I’m currently sitting and typing this post in the university library. It’s bloody packed in here. All the youngsters surrounding me are studying hard for their midterms. I’m already done with both of mine and will get my grades back next Tuesday. I’m expecting B’s on both.

I’m here today to do research on my thesis. I have decided that it is never too early to start working on a thesis. My goal is to turn my completed thesis in one year early, thereby completing my masters in two years instead of the usual three.
Goals are so easy to set aren’t they?

The other reason I am here right now is to deliver my first salvo of Mysterious Messages. I came up with this idea in the shower today (where most hare-brained schemes of mine are hatched).
I thought of doing this while reflecting on a message I once found written in the margin of a library book in college. The message seemed to be written directly to me, though there was no way of knowing who wrote it or how long ago it had been written.

It said, “The obstacles placed in the way of your goal are put there to ensure that you have chosen the correct goal to pursue. You will only be able to surmount the obstacles on the path to your correct goal.”

It sounds like a sentence from a fortune cookie. But when I found it was like some magical message had been sent to me from God. Or like my future self had traveled back in time and written this message for me to find. It just spoke directly to some stuff that was bothering me at the time.

And remembering this quote today I thought, I can do this.
So I typed up some Mysterious Messages and cut them into little strips. The video you are about to see tells the rest of the tale.

Some of you are thinking, 'aren't you supposed to be researching your thesis instead of bringing delightful magic into the world one bizarre act at a time?' Well you're right, I need to get back to work.

And you're welcome.


  1. From one extreme to the other. Did you say you are planning to complete your thesis one YEAR early? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Um, are you pretty sure they will accept that? And if so, why don't they just make the theses due at the two year mark?

  2. That vid of you and the notes AND THE BOOKS you chose to put them in ... HYSTERICAL... as good as-- or better than a SNL skit:))