Monday, November 17, 2008

Bullet Points

I can only say that the fact that we didn't blog all weekend only means we were out collecting so much to blog about this weekend.

Chris is going to write the meat of our Saturday story, and I am here to fill in some of the gaps.

There's so much going on; this will be an exercise in summarizing, making bullet points, and your job will be to make inferences and draw your own conclusions.

- Our microwave was returned last week and seems to be in working order.  We've only used it once so we'll see how things go the second time we try to use it (one was the number of uses we got before it broke last week).  

- Today was parent-teacher conference day, so in lieu of having classes, we had appointment times all day where parents cycled through our classrooms and expressed their concerns and appreciations.

- Today was parent-teacher conference day, so in lieu of having hot water for all the campus to clean themselves with, all the staff had cold water to not shower with.  Or as one of our colleagues said on the way to work, "I just cleaned the PTA."

- We joined the Sports Club down the hill.

- This movie came out and I am very anxious to see it.  The article is a great description of what Chris and I were trying to explain in regard to Ataturk, Turkishness and the celebration days we wrote about previously. If you never from us again, you will know it was because we posted this link.

- We had an election party at the principal's house and everyone was filled with glee that we have a new president-elect

-  We got our first graduate test scores back and did really well.

-  We leave Dec. 5th to spend a week in Istanbul.

-  We will be in Texas in 36 days.

-  We have now lived in Turkey for 93 days.

- We worked all day Saturday and didn't come home until 2am Sunday morning.
In the same cab as our principal.
It was one of the greatest nights, if not the greatest, night we've had here in Ankara.

Enter Chris...

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