Sunday, October 12, 2008

Short and Sweet, Sat. and Sun.

Unfortunately today's post has to be short and sweet.

The internet has been off most all of the weekend so we have to take these little windows when it is on and get the blog posted as quick as possible.

So here's our weekend in quick-time review.

Before leaving the house on Saturday we had to go through this again.  Last time it happened I was too stunned to grab the camera, but now it's kind of becoming normal.  (Don't give up on the video...the best part is at the end.)

Then we got a cab (we seem to do that a lot lately.)

Shot some evidence of the Ataturk's and flags I referenced in this weeks Wed. mailbag. (we were whizzing by in a cab so the quality is not that great, but the quantity is pretty obvious I think.)

We finally, finally found the Turkish Dollar Store.

It's not all a dollar, but it's close enough.
Cheap Chinese products for cheap chinese-like prices.

We got tongs, a keychain calculator, hangers, Chris got some tools, I got a sewing kit, it was great.

Then we found a Playgame Station.  Basically a coffee shop with couches and Playstation 3's to play.

We enjoyed a fall walk around our favorite new part of town, then headed back home.

Today, Sunday, we did home chores.  Laundry, kitchen and bathroom cleaning and tried to find other things to do that we didn't need the internet for.

All in all a good weekend.

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