Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Behind the Scenes at Apple - by Christopher

I've been wanting to post about this since before we left for Turkey.

The reason that I waited so long is cause I didn't want to get anybody in trouble, especially the nice guy who is the main character in the videos I am about to show you.

See, I had a problem with my Macbook Pro.

The details of the problem are unimportant. All you need to know is that my internal microphone was messing up, and I took the computer into the local Apple store to get it fixed.

My computer got fixed and has been working fine ever since. So I have to assume that in most respects, the guy who fixed it is a responsible, capable person.

Except that he made one pretty bad mistake that I didn't notice until I was driving home with the computer in the seat next to me.

I powered it on to make sure that it was working before I got too far from the store. And I immediately noticed that there were several video files on my desktop that weren't there before.

I clicked on the first file and the video that began to play was from the perspective of my computer's onboard camera as it was being carried into the back of the Apple store and placed on a workbench.

It was then I realized what these files were: video footage that my computer captured while it was worked on in the back room. I checked the file lengths and figured out that this poor guy had accidentally left over 45 minutes of undeleted video right on my desktop.

I got home and Sarah and I immediately watched all of them. There's nothing too shocking or incriminating on the videos, but there's definitely enough cursing, talking trash about specific Apple store customers and (even) talking trash about Apple products for most of these employees appearing in the videos to probably lose their jobs.

And I'm not interested in that. They fixed my computer after all. This poor guy's only crime was forgetting to delete the videos that he made.

Regardless, I feel like enough time has passed that posting a few of these videos won't do any harm. I'm not going to post the ones with especially large file sizes or especially harsh language. I'll show you those when I get home for xmas!

-the longer one

-funny dance

-back office chatter

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