Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nature Walk

Today Chris and I went on a nature walk in the "park" and hills next to our house.

We're not really sure if the "park" is owned by the government or if it's really supposed to be used by the average citizen, but we took the hole in the barbed wire fence to mean "come on in! we've got nature and walking trails for you!"
(that's what that sign says right?)

Here are some gems we found while walking:

A key

A propeller to a model plane

A Turkish Crossword Puzzle

Plant that McNew will have to identify for me


.50 YTL

As happens as soon as you decide to leave the comfort of your home and head to the outdoors, nature called and we had to cut our trip short.

We had every intention of going home, taking care of business and then heading back out, but we happened upon a website where we can catch up on all of our American must-see TV for free so we haven't left the house again today.

I might not know where the trail by our house leads but I do know how Grey's, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and The Office premiered this fall.
And I'm 10 minutes into Gary Unmarried-it looks pretty funny.

Sometimes you've just got to veg.

Especially after such an adventure in the treasured-filled Turkish hills.

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