Monday, October 13, 2008

Professional Development - by Christopher

The school where Sarah and I work is very committed to providing professional development for its staff.

How committed?

Today I found out that I will be attending an Information & Communication Technologies conference sponsored by the International Baccalaureate Program.

In Vienna.

My school is putting my teaching partner and me on a plane bound for Vienna, lodging us in a bed and breakfast for two days, and paying our salaries while we miss work to do it.

Sarah is doing her best to be happy for me, considering that I will be spending Valentines day in Vienna without her. It's a good thing we replaced Valentine's day with Malentine's day a long time ago.

This is going to be a fantastic opportunity to broaden my professional skills, and I've never been to Vienna before.

Good news comes in threes, right? We'll be sure to let you know when the other two pop up.

PS - REMINDER!!! Sarah's b-day is THIS Friday, the 17th!!!! How much extreme punctuation will it take for you to remember to contact her on her big day? Three question marks??? FIVE question marks????? FIFTEEN QUESTION MARKS rendered meaningless by THREE EXCLAMATION POINTS???????????????!!!


  1. by ALL means by her a babuble.. heretofore rendering my anonyoity.... and SAYING IT OUTRIGHT... get her a VEG (very expensive gift) and when yr 187, Sarah can point to it and say.."Blah, Blah... he got me this cuz we could not be together our FIRST married V'd.

    TRUST ME. I've been about the bock a time or 10.

    I suggest.. rose quarts... a heart--DUH!!--- and do NOT make it a combp VD/BDAY pressie!!

  2. correction: B-A-UB-LE


  4. ND correction amiiiiiiiilllllion... ROSE QUARTZ

  5. anonymity..and other errors... INEED A BIIIIIIIGGGER KEYBOARD ON MY MAC