Tuesday, October 21, 2008

30 - Part III

Today was a huge birthday success.

Chris used the word belated, but I disagree.

The Turkish mail system was the sole cause of any of these packages arriving past their sender's desired date, therefore, they are all on time and simply Part III of the 30th Birthday Celebration.

The first package I opened was from my parents. They were frustrated the package didn't arrive sooner, and I understand their frustration...check out all the goods!!

1. Opening the box

2. Perusing the box

3. Chris gets included

4. I continue to open the Mathis box (and continue to ignore Chris's behind the camera commentary)

It's either a great example of how well my friends and family know me, or a testament to how assertive I make my "likes" known.

I can't believe how amazingly well you all know me.

And that you would take the time to find a box, go shopping, pack said box, take box to the post office (yikes), pay for box to fly, then wait for nearly a month for it to cross an ocean...
that's love.

I am bathing in jelly bean, cheeto, ziplock bag heaven.

Thanks again for making this one of the best birthdays I've ever had.

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