Saturday, October 18, 2008

30 - Part II

This morning Chris and I continued the birthday celebration by making our way to Amrita Spa in the Swisshotel (a 5 star hotel) here in lovely Ankara, Turkey.  (The worst cab experience to date...more on that later)

Our first stop was the beautiful spa pool.

We lazed about the pool until our massage therapists came to fetch us for a wonderful hour long sweetheart massage.

After our massages we went to the relaxation room where all you could hear was water falling and soothing music.  
In theory.
In reality, two Turks were babbling so loud I had to ask a spa worker to sshhh them.
They promptly left.
Only to be replaced 10 minutes later with two even louder Turks.

We opted out of the Hamam room because as far as we could tell to get in you had to get completely naked and let a Turk soap you down.

After cleaning up and preparing ourselves to re-enter the real world of car horns and pushy people, we cruised on over to my birthday restaurant choice, Tapa Tapas. A spanish restaurant with all my favorites.

We spent some of the night watching this dress spin around in the window display across the street.

"Look at that shiny gold dress honey...I must have it!"
"Why don't we just buy some spray paint and spray down some dresses you already have?"
"What a great idea! Oh honey, you're the best."

Seven plates of tapas and one liter of sangria later...

30 Part II, in the bank.

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