Friday, December 5, 2008

Leaving on a Night Train

The forecast calls for cold and rain, so we all know what it's time for...

Time for Sarah and Chris to go traveling.

Seems every time we go traveling somewhere, we end up cold and wet. 

Even places that are normally warm and sunny.  We get there and there's "record-breaking cold" and "abnormal afternoon downpours".

(Playing cards in Costa Rica because it was raining outside)

(hiding under our umbrella to beat the rain in Vancouver-notice the jackets)

(enjoying a downpour in Amsterdam-again, jacket)

(very angry and annoyed with rain and cold ears in Brussels)

(some of us very annoyed)

Tonight we pack our hats and mittens, long underwear and umbrella and board the 10:30pm train from Ankara to Istanbul.

We have a our own sleeper room reserved where we plan to eat munchies, sip wine, watch the dark night pass by, laugh, play games, and maybe sleep.

The train will arrive in Istanbul around 7:30am tomorrow.  We are going to check-in to our hotel and hit the ground running.

We'll hit all the big sights, the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, underground cistern, Grand Bazaar, New District, Museums, Topkapi Palace, and whatever else we run in to.

We are so lucky to have another Bayrami holiday that allows us a week off of school (don't be too jealous, we were working when you were eating turkey).

We'll be exploring Istanbul for 5 days and then returning to Ankara on the night train Wednesday night.

We hope to blog from Istanbul but can't make any promises.

All aboard!

(No, this isn't us tonight, we don't blog quite that fast!...train from Amsterdam to Brussels back in the day)

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