Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ankara to Brussels

Chris and I left our Ankara apartment at 1:30 am Wednesday morning in order to catch our taxi to catch our 4am flight.

When we walked outside, we were met with this.

Quite fun.

We boarded the van and headed to the airport.

On the way we got to see some beautiful new areas of Ankara (okay, a few bridges) that we've yet to explore.

Made it to the airport.  Grabbed some breakfast, boarded our flight and are now in Brussels, Belgium.

The ticket agent gave us seats in the front of the plane so that when we get to Chicago we can haul butt off the plane and run to catch our last connection, to DFW.

This blog is boring, but I'm 3mg of Xanax into the trip and creative wit has eluded me.

And Chris is wandering around looking for somewhere to plug his laptop in.

We'll be there soon!

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