Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunny Antalya

We spent yesterday doing just what we set out to do - soak up the sun in sunny Antalya.

After a tasty breakfast of bread, jam, hard-boiled eggs and juice, we started walking to the beach.

It took us about an hour to get there, but it's like they say, it's sometimes more about the journey than the destination. We saw lots of funny things on the way.

Like super Ataturk and his buddies

And this guy

And always this guy

The beach we went to was quite pebbly so we did our best to get comfy.

We listened to a podcast or two and just enjoyed the warm sun.

After sun-bathing we ate lunch and walked around the town some more. Quite a lot to see. I think the harbor is one of my favorite spots.

Our goals right now are to soak up the sun, keep our eating out costs low, and keep in touch with all of you. So far, so good.

My dad said to send more pictures, that he couldn't get enough. So I'm taking him at his word...we'll include daily albums along with the videos so you can see and be more places with us.

Antalya Day 1

Antalya Day 2

Daily Videos:

Chris at the Harbor

Sarah on the Beach

Lunchtime Recap

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