Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Taking it Easy(er)

Happy April 1!!

Chris and I took a break from our break yesterday. We've been working hard and have felt undue stress for 8 months now, so we're doing our best to ease in to this thing called vacation.

We took a stroll through the beautiful park here.

This is the view from our table at lunch.

Then we did some more strolling outside the old city wall.

This is the gate that divides the old city from the new city. It's called Hadrian's Gate and was built in 130 A.D.

We ran into a fruit market, a grocery store, and several kebab shops (which Chris now avoids thanks to the parasite of '08.)

All in all it was a pretty laid-back day.

We had intended to go to the beach again, but since the sun screen we bought the day prior turned out to be milk, we opted to stay off the beach for awhile.

So we just strolled back to the hotel ate dinner, and went to bed. All in a day's total lack of work.

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