Thursday, March 12, 2009

Smile, It's a Bad Day

I'm in a mood today.

Getting out of bed was really hard and I felt like throttling every student I encountered.

Instead of ending the day on a sour note, I'm going to close with some sunny, light and fluffy things.

You already know the go-to's (Chris, my family, my friends, FRIENDS, jelly beans, puppies)...but here are some lesser known items that make me smile, laugh, think or distract me long enough to forget I'm in a mood.

The first thing that makes me smile are Mom's that take the time to turn their child's artwork into pillows. I don't know how one does this but I'm pretty sure I'm going to try to find out.

The second thing, this poster from Simon Evans entitled "Everything I Have." What an awesome idea. I want to do this but everything I have is scattered across two continents.

I love cheap and resourceful ideas for organization.

This one makes me think. Typographical time experiment by Nadine Grenier, a student at ESAD Strasbourg. The message: "le temps passe, et chaque fois qu'il y a du temps passe, il y a quelque chose qui s'efface" only appears every 12 hours - when the clocks line up. Quote from Jules Romains, which roughly translates to "Time passes, and every time the time passes, there is something that fades."

And this Indian poster of "Our Duties Towards Ourself" which encourages us to do some curls, contemplate a holding tank of water, eat alone on the floor, read silently, then dress in a wildly colored striped shirt and turn some levers on a textile machine.

Ah, the day is better already.

Just in time for bed.

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