Friday, March 20, 2009


We talk a lot during our lives about heartbreak and break-ups, disappointing relationship and the pain that goes with them.

Usually when we talk about heartbreak we're talking about a relationship with another human being; but humans aren't the only things that break our hearts.

Places, things, ideas, hopes...can all be heartbreakers.

I've broken up with quite a few places and ideas. Some have broken up with me.

I remember the high hopes I had for BUPS and for Ankara. I really thought I would love teaching here and love the city. Both broke my heart.
BUPS is disorganized and their priorities are out of whack.
Ankara is as exciting and cultural as an empty shoe box.

I remember the first time (and subsequently the only time) I went skiing in Taos, New Mexico. I got sick all over the bathroom in the lodge just hours after arriving. Worst altitude sickness (and only altitude sickness) I've ever had. That was a real disappointing relationship that mountain and I had.

My very first apartment in Madrid broke my heart. I expected to be put up in a really posh, nicely furnished abode.

Snotty-nosed kid I was.

I immediately turned up my nose at the room. The room complete with a balcony and en-suite bathroom.

I was really upset when I had to break-up with Madrid. I loved living there and hated having to leave. I cried on the plane and watched out the window until the city was covered by clouds. I still think about Madrid and wonder how it's doing. Who it's seeing now, what it looks like, how it's changed.

I remember when I had to break up with my apartment at TCU. I loved living there. Loved my roommates, loved my room; but I had to move on, had to grow up. That was really painful.
My mom and I drove away in the packed up UHaul and I tried not to cry as I watched a place with so many great memories, fade away behind me.

Not all break-ups are clean. Some can get pretty messy.

When I tried to break-up with Austin Ranch they tried to take all my money.

Some break-ups, however, are extremely easy. It becomes obvious to one or both participants that it's time for a change. These break-ups are often the most difficult because it's hard to explain to one party that it's time to move on...

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