Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Security Wall No Makey Sense

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes the picture needs some help.

The US government gave our school $2 million dollars to build a "security" wall around the campus. Basically it's a wall to keep out dogs because the security guard will let anyone with a pulse in, and if you really wanted to cause harm here, a 6 ft. high cement wall is not going to stop you.

The current fence has been knocked down, and the new wall is being poured. The Turks might be slow at a lot of things, but wall construction is not one of them.
You tell them to build a wall, they're going to build that wall.

While the wall is going up though, we have to remain secure.

I guess that's why they left the gate with a locker room lock intact, and tore down all the fence around it (locking door circled in blue, lack of fence outlined in yellow).

That's right, that entire yellow line used to be fence, but is now air.

But we do still have the locking door. So, if the gate is locked, you now have to walk 2 feet to the left or right of the gate, and proceed forward. What a security measure!

I wish I could say I've given up trying to figure out this place, but I haven't. I really want things here to be logical. I keep trying to apply my ideas of logic and reason and I think that's my trouble.

If it makes sense to the Turks to take down a whole fence but leave the gate standing and lock it, who am I to say that makes no sense?

Except that, it makes no sense.

Neither does it make sense to me that every day this week my building has been without electricity, but that somehow, at every meeting we have, there never, never fails to be a spread of tea and cookies.

I guess it comes down to priorities?

If that is the case, I have to believe that tea consumption, horn-honking, talking and wall construction are the priorities here. Whilst reliable electricity, drinkable water and a solution to rabid dogs barely make the radar screen.

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  1. It's a moat! Reinventing the wheel includes the reinvention of security systems.