Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Turkish Cinema - by Christopher

I just wanted to share some of the fantastic examples of the Turkish cinema industry. If you get some time, do yourself a favor and watch these jaw-droppingly awful examples of copyright infringement. So far, every Turkish remake I've seen is far superior to the American original.

The Turkish Superman

The Turkish Rambo

The Turkish Batman & Robin

The Turkish Star Wars

The Turkish E.T.

The Turkish Rocky

And in case you're thinking that after the 80's Turkish cinema began to stand on it's own two feet and create original content, think again.

The Turkish Matrix

Turkish Rambo is my favorite by far. At 00:55 in the guy with the rocket launcher just makes me lose it every time! And I love how every time Rambo stoops down he finds some fresh ammo.

Let me know which one is your favorite ;D


  1. My favorite is a close call between the Turkish E.T. and his chalk-white fart he uses to defend himself, and the Turkish Batman and Robin with the girl that looks like she's waiting on a bus instead of like she's watching her capturers being beaten by guys in pantywaggers.

  2. Those are completely genius and I would gladly pay $12 to see them at the cinema. I really, actually would.