Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ambassador Visit

Today US Ambassador to Turkey, Mr. James Franklin Jeffrey came to visit our school.

He was accompanied by (or accompanied?...it wasn't really clear), Mr. Ali Doğramacı, the rector of the University, and son of İhsan Doğramacı, the founder of Bilkent University.  Mr. Ali is kind of like a Turkish Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Barack Obama all rolled into one.  When he says jump, you ask how high.

All American citizens were invited to join, so Chris and I, along with 3 of my students, made our way to the library.

I have no intention of adding my own commentary to any of the proceedings.
These men travel with a security force numbering about seven, and I write this from a country where youtube is banned.  
We'll talk later.
There was a 15 minute power point about our school, Mr. Ali spoke about the future of BUPS/BIS, and then Mr. Jeffrey encouraged us to join the foreign service.

(Mr. Jeffrey on the left, Mr. Ali to right of him)

(Mr. Ali Doğramacı)

During the question and answer session, I came really close to bribing one of my students to ask the Ambassador "Hey, Mr. Ambassador, do you have to keep your mouth closed in the shower?"

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  1. I think a trip to the embassy might be a good idea. Who knows what wealth of information might be there? You were probably not in the right place to ask the ambassador about the brown water, but at the embassy you might get tips..... Or find a good doctor to treat parasites....Or even a microwave repairman and a place to buy Ziplocs. Probably not, but surely they have some answers to things other than facilitating your family talking to you when you are in Turkish prison. And as far as job recruiting you need to find out what color the water is in the embassy.

    Keep having fun and enjoying an adventure you can talk about for the rest of your lives. I tell stories from 30 years ago and they probably aren't nearly as entertaining. Connie