Monday, March 9, 2009

Savings Time

Yesterday Chris and I packed a picnic lunch and took off for the park. We read books, stared at the sky, ate carrot sticks and played catch.

While laying on the blanket I got to thinking about the people back home and wondering who messed up their day because they forgot it was daylight savings time.

I didn't get to save any time yesterday. I don't know when Turkey "springs forward", but it weren't yesterday.

Since I didn't get to save any daylight, I tried to think of other things that I'd like to save.

I'd like to save up enough air in my lungs to dive into the waters of the Caribbean and stay down for 30 minutes.

I'd like to save enough money to vaccinate and eradicate HIV-AIDS in Africa.

I'd like to save good teachers from quitting the education system by raising all their salaries to $100,000 a year, on the condition that their classrooms can be equipped with a 24hr. surveillance camera.

I'd like to save enough money to invite all my friends and family to a week-long Costa Rican get-a-way.

I'd like to save $50 on every Target purchase, just for being cute.

I'd like to save vivid, quickly accessible memories of all the nice things Chris has done for me, so that when I get mad at him, the anger will subside quicker.

I'd like to save all the old family photos and reel to reels that show my family tree all the way back to great, great, great grandparents.

I'd like to save myself a trip to the allergist and have these allergies go away on their own.

And, finally, I'd like to save some fun, exciting news for a future post.  It's too early now...but it's going to be great.  Stay tuned!

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