Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now Here's Me With The Weather - by, Christopher

I just returned from installing and setting-up a new router for some friends in our little community. It felt good to do something simple, straightforward and peaceful. I'm in short supply of simple, straightforward and peaceful tasks right now.

Sarah probably is, too. We're both in it up to our ears.

With our jobs, with ourselves and with each other. And though I know Sarah and I will make it through this and be fine, I'm not going to downplay how difficult our lives are right now. They are difficult. Like advanced calculus difficult. Like improbable soap opera scenario difficult. Like as difficult as deciding whether to cut the red wire or the blue one knowing that the wrong choice means that the bomb will go off.


I don't want this blog to become a storehouse of anecdotes; a place where we tell you things we think are safe to tell you. My life is not a series of safe stories with humorous punchlines, despite my best efforts. I'm not posting as regularly here because I've come to think of it as place where funny stories and pictures of crazy haircuts go. And I'm short on funny stories and haircuts. Fresh out.

This post is to remind myself about why I wanted to write this blog in the first place and to rededicate myself to my initial motivation; to share my life with you, the people I love who are thousands of miles away. To offer it up to you, to make the details available and plain, to populate your mind with fresh visions. To stay with you even though I didn't.

As always, thanks for giving me the opportunity to try.

No gory details, just the weather of my life at 10pm Turkey time. Forecast distinct opportunities for improvement. Scattered challenges beyond prediction. Unseasonal conflict with heavy bouts of emotional upheaval. Partly-frustrating exchanges leading up to the weekend. Highs in the mid to upper reaches of human patience and lows in the 30 to 40 seemingly unsolvable problems.

Slight chance of intractable stalemate moving into next week and beyond.

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