Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunday, January 4

I don't know how to describe Sunday.

I spent most of it on an airplane going from DFW to London to Istanbul and then to Ankara.

I also spent most of it hopped up on Xanax.  So I really don't know what was going on.

I remember some turbulence on the flight from DFW to London, and because I had not started my course of Xanax early enough I started freaking out a bit.

I remember asking a flight attendant if I could go to the cockpit and make sure everything was alright.
He told me they are no longer allowed to let passengers up there, but would I like a glass of wine? I looked to Chris to see if he had any money...we had Euros, Dollars, Turkish Lira, but not enough of any of the three to pay airline wine prices. So, the friendly flight attendant left and came back 1 minute later with a small bottle of wine for me.
I think he knew he was doing himself as much of a favor as he was me.

I remember running through awful Terminal 5 in Heathrow. That terminal may as well be in Beirut. We had to go from it to Terminal 3 and just barely made the Istanbul flight in time.

On this flight we each had our own row to spread out on and slept like babies.

Landed at about 7pm Turkey time, ran all the way across the Istanbul airport and knew immediately when we got to our gate that we were in Turkey because everyone at the gate was blabbering away like at any second they were going to go mute and never be able to speak again.

I have two videos of people blathering away that you can watch if you want, but the funniest video is Chris's blabbering about the blabbering.

Finally arrived in Ankara at about 10pm, waited for our bags to fall down the little baggage claim slide, but nothing came.

Ours bags couldn't keep up with us through all the connections.

So, we bought some Bailey's at the Duty Free, caught a cab, got home about midnight and called it a night.

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