Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thursday, January 1

There can be no better way to start the year than with friends and family.

On the first day of 2009, the Wehkamps opened their house to anyone wanting to stop by for food, drink and conversation.

We had a blast watching the babies run around, well, Bree run around, the others are still learning to roll-over.

Bree is always so fun to be with and Thursday she did not disappoint.

She started the day off by somehow managing to fall onto/into? the tarp that covers the pool and got her pants and socks wet.  Those went straight in the dryer and Bree set-off in her diaper.  Now it's a party!

Next she thought she would go ahead and find a new pair of socks, the stockings the Wehkamps had hung for Chris and I.

I think she found them to be a bit big, but she tried!

Bauer is still just as cuddly as ever. He'll let most anyone hold him and is happy to have his tummy tickled.

The fun and surprises just kept coming.

A huge congrats to K.C.!  Happy engagement times!!!

Chris got ambushed into holding a baby. Jenica quickly swiped his wine from his hand and replaced it with Ms. Hailey.

She was happy as could be, and Chris, well, he was confused.

I give him big credit, it's the first baby he's ever held.  Yes, ever.  She really liked it when he started making noises at her.  They got along wonderfully. A big thank you goes out to Marissa and Mike for letting us use Hailey as Chris's guinea pig. 

Feeling ever so confident, Chris traded in the 6 mo. old for a 3 mo. old!

Caleb and Shea have a beautiful new baby girl that we got to meet for the first time.

Mike warned us when we started holding the babies that they are contagious, and he was right.

At the very end of the night we got more great news ... another baby on the way!  Congrats B & A W. We are so very happy for you!!

All in all, an unbetterable start to the new year.

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