Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Greece is Grand

We are oh so, so happy here in Greece.

The hotel is gorgeous, as you'll see later in photos and videos. We are eating well and sleeping well and just enjoying life.

The ferry ride over was every bit of a 3 hour nightmare. For me anyways, Chris just read and cruised along. The crossing was only suppose to last one hour, but due to rough waters it lasted 3. I think of the 30 passengers onboard, at least 16 threw up. It was real gross.
The sea was angry that day. When you watch the videos and you get to the one of the old man bursting out into song, stay with it at least until he yells at "ooopah!" as we crash over a wave.

Greece is a first for both Chris and I. It's the off-season so it is a little bit chilly, but we don't mind. We're happy to be out in the sun and to drink the tap water and take baths and enjoy the unspoiled beaches and nature.

Breakfast is a buffet with every type of egg you can imagine, so Chris is very happy. I basked in the assortment of jams and we both found the pastries exquisite.

We have found the sink for our future home and we are beginning our campaign to get our parents here someday soon.

We have a plethora of videos and photos that will do our journey more justice than the words I could type. We have found reliable internet access and so can now share with you the happenings of the last few days.


Antalya Day 8

Marmaris Day 1

Ferry Crossing & Rhodes Day 1

Videos (I think you guys have learned how to click through the videos on your own, so I'm just going to link to some of the best clips in the series and you can click through the rest of the videos at your leisure - you're tech-savvy).

Chris working out in the park

Sarah working out in the park

Old Man Singing on Ferry

Hotel Room Tour

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